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One-Of-A-Kind Character Designs Starting at $25

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Alrighty-o. This is where you get to play God and speak your thoughts into existence, with me being the one to bring your ideal character design into being. I will stretch your character's designs and make their proportions as long as a giraffe's neck or squish them down as flat as a pancake. I am talking about characters with heads like peas and hands as big as oven gloves. The possibilities are endless in imagination, and I can assist in bringing those to life in the visual sense. Starting at just $25.

Link to it can be discovered here:



Reference images are attached, so you can see what you will be in for. Can do fanart, Oc's or anything your heart desires. I will module your character wonderfully so. 

RUGZ Album Cover 4 FRONT.png


RUGZ Album Cover.png

The Perceptionists Characters.png

Anna Planck.png



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