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I'm Faraz, your friendly neighbourhood graphic designer, straight outta Pakistan with a backpack full of creativity and a heart full of dreams. Yep, you guessed it right, I'm the new kid on the Fiverr block, and boy, am I excited to be here!

So, picture this: me, sitting in front of my screen, waiting for that magical ding of my first order. It's like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, but with fewer cookies and more caffeine. But hey, patience is my middle name (okay, not really, but it should be).

Sure, my gig calendar might be as empty as my coffee mug right now, but trust me, I'm brewing up some killer designs and itching to dive headfirst into this wild world of freelancing.

I'm here not just to snag gigs but to soak up all the wisdom and vibes this awesome community has to offer. So, seasoned pros, hit me with your best tips and tricks—I promise I won't spill coffee on them.

Here's to new beginnings, epic collaborations, and a whole lot of creativity. Let's make some magic happen, shall we?


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