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No rush of order since October 2023, earning decreased from $1000/month to $300/month. What to do?


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I am a Level 2 Seller with all the metrics done right. Here is my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/sourajitdey

I started working on Fiverr in April of 2022. At first, the number of orders was less. But slowly it took pick-up, and since September 2022, I earned $800/month to $1200/month up to September 2023. My reviews are good and I have some long-term clients. In the middle of that period, I faced one month of downtime but downtime was over soon, either by itself or because of I updated the gig keywords. 

After September 2023, downtime came again, I modified the gig, but nothing happened. Since that time, till now, the business didn't improve. I tried to change keywords myself, I gave it to a Professional GIg writer with 1000+ five-star reviews to make necessary changes for my gigs, I started Gig promoting, and I joined Seller Plus, but none of these helped me to reach the momentum I had. Now, I don't know what to do. I actually work in 2 gigs mainly, both have more than a 4.7-star rating. But one of them has been sitting idle since last September. No order comes in that. When I go to the "Keyword Research" panel, I see almost the same keywords which I have already used in the gigs. That top-rated seller guy used those too. I even changed my gig images to make them more catchy and professional. But still, nothing helped. It feels like, Fiverr is saying, "All these keywords are myth. Whatever you do, I am the dictator here."

What can I do to improve my business?
What can I do to go from $300/month to $1000/month at least?

Even if the process takes a little time, it's fine. But let me know if there's any process, or if there's any area of gigs I should improve.

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I am a level 2 seller. I have mainly 2 gigs which I work on - Youtube scriptwriting and Web content writing. 

Both were running good, earning good reviews. But since, last september, the Web content writing gig stopped getting order or messages. It gets impressions, clicks but no orders. Prices are competitive $10/20/30, good rating, no cancellation in that gig. 

I tried optimizing it with new keywords a lot of times, changed tags, descriptions and even gig headline too, nothing happened. 

How to kickstart that gig? Any suggestions? 

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