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Is it possible for Fiverr pro clients to be scammers..?



I'm still new to Fiverr so there are a lot of things I am not knowledgeable about. Today I have been matched with a buyer on Fiverr brief. Their team are looking for a virtual assistant, and I gladly sent them my CV. They told me they are assessing my cv to make sure I am given the right position. In the mean time, I asked them about my potential jobs and their job responsibilities. I noticed that for the assistant job, there is a two month probation salary and a formally employed salary, both jobs are paid in RMB. They also gave me a list of bonuses, most of them only works if I work in person (ex: living cost covered, plane ticket travels...etc.)So, I asked them how would the bonuses and salary work (more specifically how should I send the custom offers) since I am working virtually as a Fiverr seller, then they immediately took back the offer and stopped communicating with me. I'm not sure if the fault is on my end, was I too straight forward? Or was it a bot/scam all along......? 

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