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  1. Welcome to the fiverr. Long way to go.
  2. Fiverr strongly recommend to use active portfolios. Your portfolio must be related to the gig's services you're providing. Show the best project you've done. Fiverr recommend consider to removing old projects and use up-to-date projects.
  3. Ensure that the additional work requested by the client falls within your expertise and capabilities.
  4. Joined in 2024. Waiting to grow my gigs as a new seller!
  5. Thanks priyank_mod and smashradio for sharing the truth
  6. See this article. Hope it'll help you a lot!
  7. As long as you fiverr supported payment method, there should not be a problem with changing payment methods.
  8. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service Read this and follow properly. You won't be banned if you follow Fiverr TOS properly
  9. Hi mdmamunurras693. Read this article written by experienced seller: Hope you'll find all the necessary information there.
  10. As you were inactive for 2 years, it will take time time to rank your gig. Be active, do some activities on forum, share your gig on social media.
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