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Sellers Have No Rights and Vulnerable

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My recent communication/request for assistance with the CS regarding the blackmailing of undue revisions by the buyer of order #00000000000. But the CS refused to help me out and said to resolve it mutually with the buyer;

But just amazed to see the cancellation order with the following Fiverr messages (not a message but a threat):

Hi mianabidqayyum,
Your account has been flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery. To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, please deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service, and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend that you change or extend your delivery time within the order if you are unable to meet the deadline. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr's TOS, your account will be restricted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out at https://support.fiverr.com

The above message shows that the buyer has all the rights and the seller has none, the buyer is secure in all situations whatever he does but for Fiverr, the seller is wrong in all the cases whether he did or not. 

I delivered the order within the time and revised but the buyer kept on blackmailing me and asking for cancellation in the name of a refund and was surprised to see Fiverr help him to blackmail me with a threat of blocking my account. Instead of flagging the Buyer's account for using revisions as a tool for harassing me after delivery and even after providing one free revision, the forum made me a victim of buyer's scam. 

Is it just and fair? Do I have no rights and security as a Fiverr Seller?


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Sellers Have to Fight To Defeat the Scam Buyers:

My recent experience working as a Seller on this Forum reveals this forum only protects the buyer all so-called rules and regulations are just applicable to the Seller and all the relief is only for the Buyer, Fiverr has no mediator role but performs and takes action against the Seller arbitrarily. Hence, the Sellers are extremely insecure and hostile in the hands of buyers because of Fiverr's undue support to the Buyers. 

I would say keep writing and record your protest against such discrimination and arbitrary rules of Fiverr on all available forums unless the Forum resolves the Seller's issue. Speak for your rights, speak for not to be a victim in the hands of scam buyers. 

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On 2/27/2024 at 6:32 AM, kingpirux said:

maybe it is trying to do the new trick to scamm people in fiverr. after several reviews the AI will consider you the faulty part. when he ask for cancelling it will be automatically marked as canceled, and flagged as strong negative score, they get free documents or maybe is just someone in your same gig and wants you to go down. this trick is being reported in the forum. 

my recommendation, go straight forward to CS and ask them for cancelation without refund, showing that you covered the requested points, show also you already given free reviews and also make one charged extra review, if they reject it you will have advantage on the AI to support you because you tried...

You are right and I have become the victim of the buyer's scam, I tried my best to get the intervention of CS but they flatly refused to intervene and consequently the same happened which you stated in your first Para. Now, My OCR rate is affected as well and the impressions are also going down rapidly whereas the CS has no reply to my questions and the unfair treatment. I would be obliged if you could help to diminish or get out of this scenario so my impressions can be better. Thank you.


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