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Success score requests

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There are a few success score improvements that would be very helpful.

1. Please show a decimal point, so sellers have some idea of where they are within their rating. I have a rating of 9 but have no idea if I’m just about to drop to 8, or whether I’m almost at 10. This could also be achieved by converting the 1-10 scale to a 1-100 scale 

2. Having the individual gig insights hidden behind so many clicks is really clunky. It would be much simpler to get an overview of how the success score is derived on a dashboard below the current stats or when the success score arrow is clicked. Show all the gigs in a grid, with all of the insights already visible. Right now, having to click on every gig, one by one, to see what metrics are contributing to the success score is very slow and doesn’t give a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the stats. Every seller seems to agree that much more detail of how the success score is calculated needs to be shown but even the limited detail we can see is buried in submenus requiring lots of individual clicks. Maybe this is less of an issue for sellers with 2-3 gigs, but I have 21 and this system is not fit for that amount. This information could also be shown in the “gigs” list as an extra column.

3. Provide an overall view of things to work on and maintain that are consistent across all gigs. Examples: “We’ve noticed a dip in your communication performance recently. This might be something to reflect on and address”, and, “One of your key strengths recently is ‘delivery time’. Keep up the good work”. This could even be shown as a radar chart of all the metrics that comprise the success score, showing overall areas for improvement.

4. Show specific orders where a seller fell short on a certain stat. This wouldn’t be appropriate if the data are derived from a private review, but if it’s been derived from an objective metric, showing 3-5 orders that have damaged a seller’s metrics, gives them something to actually review, so they can reflect on their performance.

5. Completely rewrite the “how to improve the success score” guidance. Right now it could be useful for new sellers or sellers that are no good, but any vaguely decent seller will read everything on that page and think, “yes, I already do all of this.” The guidance needs to be tailored to the individual seller, highlighting specific suggestions that directly address the specific ways in which that seller has fallen short recently.

Note: The success score is now fundamental to every seller’s ability to thrive on this platform, so please do not create any of these suggestions for seller plus members only. These suggestions represent minimum functionality that every seller should have access to.

Thanks for considering these suggestions.

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those solutions seems very easy to implement and quite logic considering the entire new system. They are good ideas, so i think they will not do absolutely nothing. If it looks like a solution probably they will find the way to make it wrong.



But, good work. Is nice to have some good hope on freelancers.

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I find it really strange that there isn't even a "more details" button in the dashboard. If you don't hover over the metrics, you don't even know that there are individual gig insights or explanations on the metrics.
I only have 3 gigs with individual insights, and I already find it very annoying to have to click so much. I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be for those who have 20 or 30 gigs!
Keep it simple... a dashboard where everything is visible at a glance.

It's also necessary to display all the key areas that affect the individual score of each gig. Today, we only see 2 or 3 key areas, and we have no idea if the others have a positive or negative impact. I want to see the details of all the key areas. 
That's what we call being TRANSPARENT!

I'm not completely foolish; I can calculate the average of my public ratings. If I see that my public rating displayed by Fiverr is lower than the average of the public ratings, I understand that the private rating isn't good. But once I know that, what do I do? Nothing... I don't know what the problem is!
In fact, this mix of public and private ratings serves no purpose other than to punish sellers without us knowing where the problem lies.
Fiverr tells us that this new rating system is more transparent. From the sellers' side, there is nothing more transparent; it's becoming increasingly obscure...

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I really like how Amazon US now displays the strengths and weaknesses of products with clear and easy-to-understand information. And especially, I love how they use AI to generate a summary of reviews. Perhaps Fiverr could take inspiration from this to make things more transparent and explicit!

I wonder if Fiverr will indicate "AI-generated rating" next to our new rating. Any information about this?




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10 minutes ago, carineb said:

I wonder if Fiverr will indicate "AI-generated rating" next to our new rating. Any information about this?

Oooh, that is a good use case for AI. 

Could work better than star reviews too, since a lot of buyers tend to highlight (or lowlight) specific things that stars can't, so finding a "theme" about what a seller can (or can't) do should be picked up pretty quickly. I don't think Fiverr will go for it though, as it is liable to be too positive, which goes against the grain of the very obvious intent of this enormously transparent update.

Although the fact that Amazon seems to be using little checkboxes is interesting. Did Fiverr copy Amazon again? 

I think Fiverr should go for it. There would be fun outrage. Imagine the forum posts: "only one buyer said I was an incompetent badword, yet the AI system highlights this ahead of all my "excellent experience" reviews! Why is Fiverr so anti-seller?" Because as we all know, the people most dedicated to writing really long and detailed reviews are the ones that hate you and want to take you down in 250 characters of hate (or whatever the limit is).


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15 minutes ago, emmaki said:

There would be fun outrage. Imagine the forum posts: "only one buyer said I was an incompetent badword, yet the AI system highlights this ahead of all my "excellent experience" reviews! Why is Fiverr so anti-seller?"

Another possibility... why does the AI say I respond quickly, I deliver fast, but that I do translations via Google? Yet, I swear, I speak fluently in 10 languages! I was born in Germany, I studied in the USA, my first husband is French, my second husband is Italian, the third is Danish, I lived in China, my cousin is Russian, my neighbor is Spanish, and now I live in a sunny country that I won't mention...
Giv me jop ! 😁

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