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  1. Check Google’s search result: Just type this text in the google search bar: site:fiverr.com “XXXX” Replace XXXX with a sentence from your gig description (leave the quotation marks). For example: site:fiverr.com “I do camera tracking, motion tracking and can add motion graphics like text, graphics, logos, and replace graphics on tablets, computer screens and mobile phones” You will find out who copied your description. In your case, 2 people have copied your description (1 of the services has already been deleted. You still have to contact Fiverr support regarding the 2nd seller…)
  2. Thank you. I will try to do this from my computer. When I asked for the transfer from my phone there was no choice between paypal and payoneer.
  3. Hello I asked for a transfer on Paypal (by mistake) when I wanted a bank transfer. I received an email from paypal asking me to validate the transfer. Will the transfer be canceled if I do not validate it within 24h, 48h …?
  4. Hi @mjensen415 The automatic translation into French is terrible! Can we add a description in French instead of the automatic translation? I don’t want to see this horrible translation when I offer translation and writing services myself. French customers will run away…
  5. I have removed the n°1. 400 customers and 1000 translations. Yes, that’s right. I sometimes translate 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40… listings for 1 customer. I also have customers outside Fiverr. I have changed this to avoid any suspicious sentences. Here is the last description: ⭐ I manually translate and localize your listing to boost your ranking (BSR) and generate more sales on the French market. I can translate from English, Spanish or Italian . I translate your title, bullet points and description and A+ content. I have already translated +1000 product descriptions (many of them are now in the Top 100, Amazon’s choice or N°1 Best seller): pet suppliessports and outdoorsbabyautomotivebeauty and personal careelectronicshealthhome and kitchenluggage…Price list: Up to 300 words: $20Up to 450 words: $30Up to 600 words: $40What I need : The link to your original listing or the text in a Word or Excel file. ⭐
  6. Here is a screenshot of the extra gig page (before I remove all these extra gigs). It seems that there is a problem with the “additional time” dropdown list. Even if I select “none”, I see “select” when they reject the gig and ask me to modify it. 2-extra charges1865×613 34.5 KB
  7. Thanks, I have already read this page + other resources on Fiverr.
  8. If you have your extras listed in the gig description take that out. It’s not needed to put the extras in the description. This is what they seem to be telling you. That’s what I did but I think that they didn’t ask me to remove them because they said: “please ADD an extra charges…”. Good news! They have just accepted the modification 😄
  9. Thank you for your support! Don’t worry, I am really calm. I am having a break under the sun on my balcony 🌞 They tell me that there is a problem with the extra gigs. I have the solution: no extra gig (very few people buy them. So, that’s not a problem for me if I don’t show these extra gigs).
  10. They have rejected the modification twice! 🥴 I have 5 different gig extras. For 1 of these gig extras, the prices were not the same on my description and in the table (it’s my mistake, I decided to put the same price for all the packages, but I haven’t changed it in the table!). I also noticed that the dropdown list for the extra-time was on “select”. Very weird. So I changed it to “none” for all of my extra gigs. They have just rejected my gig again despite these 2 modifications. The message is: “Please add any extra charges as Gig Extras.” All the extra listed on my description are also on the extra table, but the dropdown list is still on “select”, as if I had not put “None” before the modification. Looks like there is an issue. I will remove all extra gigs to avoid a third rejection!
  11. We don’t know why the client asked a cancellation. Why do you tell him to accept the cancellation? He can accept the cancellation (if he is not able to do the job) or reject the cancellation (if he delivered the job he was paid for).
  12. Did you do the work you were paid for? If you did the job there is no reason for cancellation!
  13. You are right! I will edit the gig description and cross the fingers! When I changed my description a few days ago, I got several error messages about the description (after clicking “Save”). I noticed that my description had disappeared (there was only the 1st line left in the description field) and the character counter was: 62/1200 while my description has almost 1150 characters. I feel like there was a technical issue. I have edited my gig. I think that the request allowed me to improve the description. If I were a client, I would buy it 😆 Waiting for the approval!
  14. You are right! I will edit the gig description and cross the fingers! When I changed my description a few days ago, I got several error messages about the description (after clicking “Save”). I noticed that my description had disappeared (there was only the 1st line left in the description field) and the character counter was: 62/1200 while my description has almost 1150 characters. I feel like there was a technical issue.
  15. Good idea! But I don’t think that it’s the reason why they ask me to change the description. I have 3 different Packages: 300 / 450 / 600 words. I have just checked 10 gig descriptions (European Amazon listing translators). Only one of them has written this detail in his description. Other translators have only written the detail in the package description.
  16. It might be the above. I will remove “n°1” About the different sets of lists, I have changed the text a few months ago. My previous description was full of sentences. I put lists after seeing the descriptions of several “Top Rated sellers” Amazon listing copywriters. Many of them have many lists and have only one or two sentences. I don’t think that’s a problem.
  17. Whether I’m right or wrong who knows? I find your description very complete and detailed but they might want only one or two lists and more sentences. I have just received a new message from Fiverr support (after I sent then a message asking clarification about the issue): "Hello Carine, I’m XXXX and I’ll be assisting you today. Please edit your Gig at this point and make sure that you have clearly explain what exactly is the service you offered about and re-submit a gig to be reviewed. Thank you for your understanding." Not very helpful!
  18. Hello, I haven’t been here for a long time. I hope everyone is safe! After minor modifications on a gig description, my gig has disappeared from Fiverr. When I contacted Fiverr support the first time, I got an automatic message saying, “Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results.” There are more than 200 positive reviews on this gig! I sent a message to Fiverr telling them that 200 reviews should be enough … I have just received this message: “Misleading/unclear description We noticed that your Gig description might be misleading or unclear. For your Gig to succeed, please make sure your Gig description is written in clear language and is well-defined. If you require any information from your buyer to start working on the order, you should list it clearly in the buyer instructions/requirements area. For more information on creating your Gig, see: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/creating-your-gig-policy” Under the gig description it’s written in red: * Your Gig description needs to be revised." I really don’t know what is the problem. Could you help me, please? Here is the gig description: ⭐ N°1 FRENCH NATIVE Amazon translator and copywriter on Fiverr ⭐ 👉 I translate and localize your listing into proper french to rank your product on the French marketplace. Looking for a high-quality translation? ✅ French native living in France ✅ +400 highly satisfied customers ✅ Professional translator specialized on Amazon listing translation that SELLS ✅ French Grammar Fiverr skill test ✅ Manual translation and localization to adapt your listing to the French market 📃 This gig includes: 1 title5 bullet points1 product description or EBC content I will deliver a Word file➕ Optional gig-extra: SEO keyword research Search terms for AMZ Backend HTML description 1-day delivery (extra cost) I have already translated +1000 product descriptions: pet suppliessports and outdoorsbabyautomotivebeauty and personal careelectronicshealthhome and kitchenluggage⭐ Boost your sales on Amazon France. Order Now! ⭐ Thank you for your help!
  19. We know that human beings are often resistant to change. But, most of the time it is using the new solution that they realize that the novelty is better than the old system. Unfortunately, the more I use this new design, the more I hate it! Like any freelancer, I try to be efficient and not waste time with useless things. With this new design (which I call click-click-click design), I’m wasting time and I’m tired of clicking even more than before. Please @snirelkaras improve this, or if you are not able to improve this design immediately, go backwards while you develop an effective and time-saving solution.
  20. If you have a question, use this forum and don’t use your inbox.
  21. So far I haven’t seen any real interest in these stats from people who commented, so there is absolutely no point for someone to make a gig on that 🙂 I love stats but the 1st thing I read when I see some stats is the source and how a stat has been calculated. As there is no sources cited and no explanation on the calculation, it’s not really interesting for me. However, thanks for sharing! I am happy to read that some people are trying to get some stats and analyse the business 😉
  22. Translations, writing, seo… are the only categories I know. Tests are important for all these categories. I have hidden my SEO test score because I passed it in front of the TV watching a football match ⚽ and I am a little ashamed of my score (but I am in the top 10%). Some TRS or sellers with +1K reviews have a lower score than me… I would not hire them! These tests are really instructive 😉 I know that many people don’t like these tests but I like these tests 🙂
  23. I am no “google translator” and you can be 100% sure that I will never take those tests :roll_eyes:: Fiverr will perhaps never make them mandatory but the buyers may make them mandatory like they do on other platforms where they filter sellers by test scores 😉
  24. What you want is important but what our buyers want is more important. Different freelancer platforms have already implemented tests and the buyers seem to be interested by the tests. On other platforms they can select freelancers with a score higher than xxx. And we can read on their requests that they only want people who have passed a test with a score higher than xxx. The tests are not the first criteria when a buyer chose a seller. But, it can be one of the last criteria. It’s quite similar as what an employer do in front of applicants with a very similar experience. The recruiter will ask them to take tests. And he will chose one of those who have the best score. It’s one criteria among many others! We can think that our ratings and reviews are more important than tests. I have contacted some sellers to do my job because I was unable to finish it due to a personal event. I have selected a few sellers with more than 200 positive reviews who claim to be fluent or native in my mother language. None of them was able to write a short answer to my message without grammar mistakes or mispellings. It seems that they are “google translators”. I am 100% sure that these sellers will never take the tests because “google translators” don’t take tests 😁 Since this day, I am more confident in tests than in reviews!
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