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Let's show how Success Score works (image demonstration of this no sense metric)

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On 3/16/2024 at 1:36 AM, shifu__arts said:

hi, I'm a new seller in fiverr but it's going good so far for me. I got 100% response rate, have done 5 orders, all of them with with 5 star rating, but my success score is showing (-) this dash mark. I have to only make 400$ to move on to level 1 and this success score thing. Most of the things are done ,but this success score isn't moving. I simply wanted to know how long it will take , because i think i can make 400$ really fast. Without this success score i can't be a level 1 seller , oh and for the information, i only have 1 active gig. 

please answer to this query of mine,

Thank you^^

you have to get to the 400 first. And is not about the score right now, and you should at least have 3 gigs to start and see how they behave.

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6 hours ago, kingpirux said:

i dont know how much they are paying you but the forums are rolling out on proofs that most score and results are random, since AI are models trained to use randomness to create different outputs and scenarios, thats why is one of the most idiotic things in the world to use it how they are using it in Fiverr, is not recommended by no one, not even by OpenAI.


Well it's hard to know that without having access to all the data and full picture. I am looking at it objectively, there's a lot of data we don't have access to, and we don't know. Like those pesky private reviews. We also don't know how much importance older orders have, they said less, but there's no percentage. So there are tons of unknowns that all factor in to the review scores. Revisions and extensions were said to not matter, but they might, we don't know. Cancellations.. which ones matter, which don't, was it all solved? Fiverr won't show these things or tell us more about the algorithm behind this success score. Even if it's AI calculating it, there's data used there that we have no idea about. 

As for customer support, I don't even think they have any idea about the algorithm and how it works. They have predefined replies most likely, or they send you to those new Fiverr help pages about how to increase your score. Going to the success manager might help, but not all the time. 

The thing is, everyone is looking from the perspective of public reviews. Half of 2023 for me was only 5 star reviews, and despite that I was ranking very poorly. Went to my success manager, and she told me my buyer satisfaction rate was poor. So even if publicly you see something, that doesn't mean it's the entire story. There's a ton of data we don't see that all factors in. I don't like the fact there are private reviews, nor do I like the fact that we are kept in the dark about a lot of factors. And I saw what people shared here, even 3 of my gigs have a high score, yet they all have negative impact from client satisfaction. 

I try to help people by offering some objectiveness here. Even when I talked with someone from Fiverr before the review and level system was implemented, I asked for specifics and I was told it's above their paygrade. So clearly customer support have no idea either, they just have premade replies. 

At the end of the day, these scores are based on data. And when there's a lot of data we don't know, along with a review timeline and cancellation criteria we don't know either.. it's hard to base ourselves only on the public reviews. As I said, I know from my experience last year that even if you have only 5 star reviews, your buyer satisfaction rate can be pretty bad. 

So what I am saying here is from my own experience, trying to help people. I don't know or care if/what AI they use, I just care about what I have under my control. But there are obviously things like private reviews, buyers self-canceling and other stuff that will affect your score and which are obviously out of your control. I just focus on what I can control, and that also means trying to find alternative sources of income because Fiverr has become very volatile to say the least.

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