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Need Advice on Resolving Duplicate Warning Issue



Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing great! I'm here reaching out for a bit of guidance and sharing a bit of a snag I've hit with my account. So, here's the scoop: back on December 2nd, I ran into an issue that ended up with me receiving a warning for a service that's a no-go on the platform. I thought we had moved past it after I did my time with a 60-day reflection period, but it seems like there's still a red flag waving over my account. This little hiccup is putting a damper on my plans to level up, and honestly, it's a bit of a bummer.

I've been in touch with Fiverr support trying to get this sorted, but as of now, my account's in a bit of a limbo state until March 2nd. So, I'm turning to you, my fellow community wizards, for a bit of advice:

How do you navigate the warning system, especially when it comes to issues that pop up more than once?
Any pro tips on how to approach Fiverr support to dispute something like this?
If anyone's been in similar shoes and managed to dance their way out, I'd love to hear how you did it.
Any advice, insights, or words of wisdom you can share would be massively appreciated!

Thanks a ton in advance,
Ritik (ritikk173)

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1 hour ago, milos_siena said:

The warning you got did not affect you in any way. You are having a lot of work these days, you're level 2 and your most popular gig has a great success score. 

But sir I already served the time warning now it again showing doing sir it is not fair for the seller to receive this kind of situation

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