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How to actively respond to buyer requests?



It used to be possible to browse through Buyer Requests to see if there was anything there you could, and wanted to do. You could respond to these requests with additional questions, or even make an offer. I have used this feature as a seller, and even more as a buyer.

However, this seems no longer possible. 

Instead, I sometimes get mails about buyer briefs that Fiverr selected for me. And quite frankly, they do a poor job selecting. I write in Dutch, and get briefs for native speakers in German (which is a different language). Every now and then I get approached by some student, wanting me to write their thesis for them...

Is there any way with the new Fiverr for me to just browse around and see what people are looking to buy, enabling me to select those gigs I feel qualified for?

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Thanks Melanie.

I was afraid of that. Thank goodness I've been busy with other projects too, but this has made Fiverr a lot less attractive as a platform (especially after some other changes that killed the basic version of my gig). Guess I will be spending my time less on Fiverr, more elsewhere.

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