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ONLY 24 hours of promotion after months???????


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After more than 6 months, the gig promotions were activated yesterday, but this was only for 24 hours, why is that?
I have the orders delivered on time, the profile at 100% (response time, on-time deliveries, etc.) and a 5-star rating. I didn't have any new reviews yesterday, I just delivered an order (which the client didn't see yet and therefore didn't approve).

What could be the reason why my profile and gigs are now again show as "Unqualified"? 🙃 It seems like a joke... I've been up all night so I don't even get late with the questions! my response time is within 1 hour (it's been like this for a year)... I'm looking for ideas, suggestions, tips and to know if the same thing happened to someone else and how they managed to solve it. Thank you!

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