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Buyer frustrations


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I'm a new user and a potential "buyer".

From what I experienced so far the experience is abysmal. The search for a normal (and professional) producer/composer to help me with the type of music I write is extremely hard and time consuming. I'm a songwriter, with no music theory knowledge, who is looking for an experienced producer/composer with good reviews and proven portfolio of the kind of music I wish to produce (songs and instrumental works). To add to my frustrations some of the people I approached didn't reply (beyond their time mentioned response time) or turned me down that it's not for them - before any short set-expectations meeting to discuss the music or what is required to produce it.

I'd give the site more time to prove itself because I believe in my music and I want to fulfill my dream, and I want to believe there are good professional people who can assist me accomplish that

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10 hours ago, tal133 said:

the kind of music I wish to produce (songs and instrumental works)

Do you have a genre you can narrow it down to? Both jazz and classical are instrumental, but have completely different sounds. Something that might help, is asking the Sellers who turn you down if they know of another Seller they'd maybe recommend. 

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