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Sketchy buyer but not sure what the scam is?


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Hi, I just received a very sketchy offer from a potential client in my DMs. They want me to log into their second trading account and verify it with my government ID, I could seemingly change the email and password later on. 

He asks me to log in and "record his trades" aka write an excel sheet with who he invested in and how much, and he would pay me 40 dollars per trade, around 10 a day, so 400 a day for this simple task?? 

Obviously a little sketchy. 

Now I am curious how that scam works? What do they try to get from me? Steal my government ID details? Or use the account as a money mule? Anyone know? 

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Definitely sketchy @domenikbrenner!

I'm not an expert but it looks like your buyer can't legally trade because they are in a country that may not let them do those types of transactions. That's why they want you to verify the trading account with your own government ID so that they can trade. So not necessarily to scam you, but to use your ID to work around trading laws limiting what they can do.


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