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The Resurgence of Pixel Art: Is it Becoming a New Trend?


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In recent years, we have witnessed a resurgence of pixel art, an art form that originated in the early days of video gaming. With its distinctive blocky aesthetics and nostalgic charm, pixel art has captured the hearts of artists, gamers, and enthusiasts alike.


But the question arises: Is pixel art on the verge of becoming a new trend?

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Two questions for clarity, please: 1) what do you mean by "pixel art", and 2) what do you mean by "recent years"? 

I ask out of curiosity, as pixel art is not the same as pixel animation and a lot of people mistake character-rigging pixel art for frame-by-frame sprite animation.

Welcome to the Fiverr forum, btw, happy to have another sprite aficionado on the forums! 

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Well for starts, its affordable.

Take a look at the game "Blasphemeous" that game couldnt, wouldnt happen if they tried it with AAA company quality. They had good ideas, buy they didint have money. So pixel art is the way to go. And they did a pretty good job with it.

If making the game is affordable, buying the game is also affordable. So you can buy that game for way less than a AAA game. Thus, reaching to a wider audiance.

Of course money is not the only thing to consider. Pixel games have a great crowd that likes them. But trends go to where money is already. So, well.

I dont know if Its becoming a new trend or whatever. It already has a niche for its own, and a great gateway for indie developers to see what they can do. I do not play too many pixel art games. But im glad they exist. 


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