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Website translation for Chinese

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As a translator, I've seen lots of terrible website translations. Amateur translations can drive customers away, and in China, website translation is more complicated than you might think.

There are two types of Chinese language: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Some nuances between them are as follows:

English-application /simplified Chinese-程序 /traditional Chinese-程式

English-hardware /simplified Chinese-硬件 /traditional Chinese-硬體

English-software /simplified Chinese-软件 /traditional Chinese-軟體

English-ai /simplified Chinese-人工智能 /traditional Chinese-人工智慧

English-search /simplified Chinese-搜索 /traditional Chinese-搜尋

English-digital /simplified Chinese-数码 /traditional Chinese-數位

English-contact /simplified Chinese-联系 /traditional Chinese-聯絡

English-add /simplified Chinese-添加 /traditional Chinese-新增

English-support /simplified Chinese-支持 /traditional Chinese-支援

English-file /simplified Chinese-文件 /traditional Chinese-檔案

English-marketing /simplified Chinese-营销 /traditional Chinese-行銷

English-mobile /simplified Chinese-移动 /traditional Chinese-行動


Note: Each Chinese character takes up 2 bytes. Use the proper Chinese characters to maintain consistency with the original length.

For Traditional Chinese users, everything is fine. However, for Simplified Chinese users, the content may load slowly or they may be completely unable to access it. Please ask someone who lives in mainland China to test access to your website. However, they may access the website differently because of internet censorship. The GFW(please Google) can cause delays and interruptions in accessing websites that are based outside of China. Any links from Google/YouTube/Facebook, etc. (and possibly more in the future) are forbidden. You must change or delete them for Simplified Chinese users.


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