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& how can i add for extra charges in my Gigs?


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Guest celticmoon

Apparently you didn’t read your own forum thread that you already started. Your question was answered there.

I wrote this on your other post:

Before posting new discussions, please take a moment to use the search, because nearly all questions have been asked, discussed and answered many times.

I just wrote this on yet another redundant post:

By posting the same things over and over again, the already thoroughly-discussed topic gets buried, and the people with the answers and experience to give you good advice get tired of writing the same responses over and over again. You're losing the benefit of their experienced guidance on all things Fiverr by not taking the few minutes to search the forum FIRST.

Fiverr has set up articles in the CS area AND the forums AND the Fiverr blog AND the Fiverr news feed AND the Fiverr Facebook page AND the Fiverr Twitter feed as huge sources of information about how Fiverr works.

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