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My Gig's are not in the search results


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On 5/18/2023 at 3:53 PM, animatedmonst said:

When I write to them, their team gives evasive answers, it feels like I'm talking to a robot, because they always write the same standard answers that have nothing to do with my questions.

Exactly felt the same. So it is a general issue in that case

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2 months have already passed, But as before, as of now, my Gigs are not in the search results․

Maybe this is intentional on Fiverr's side or they are not aware that there is a technical problem, so I am going to leave Fiverr and continue my work on other freelance platforms. I wasted a lot of time and got a great rating by becoming a second level seller and this is what happened to me. There is no future in Fiverr and you should not have any serious hopes with this platform, because no matter how much you reach your goal, one day they can deprive you for everything , without any valid reason.  And I advise those staying here to think about their future and not rely only on this platform․

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Might be you have less impression on that particular GIG, that's why you are not able to find your GIG. This also happens to me.

Even after applying the filters, GIG was not searchable. So, I contacted my previous buyers and asked for a few orders on that particular GIG, on the other hand, I shared my GIG on different social media platforms.

It will take lots of time to rank your GIG.

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