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  1. MY gig was found in the search it was not just moving forward
  2. looking at your gig impression your gig was derank
  3. Now how about you pause the gig for 2 weeks then reactivateafter 14 days
  4. have you actually verified if Fiverr has activated your gig if Fiverr doesn't activate your gig won't be found in the search
  5. what service are you rendering and how many reviews do you have
  6. Try using a low competition keywords sellers may be over-saturated on the keywords you actually use make sure the gig description is plagiarism free makes sure your the keywords your actually ranking for show on your description 5-8 times include keywords in both title and search tags
  7. Hi am Chase I actually have a problem ranking my gig to the first page I have tried different methods but am still not getting any results I have over 40 reviews and 5-star ratings and I also have repeated buyers but my gig is still stagnant. if you have had this kind of issue in the past please I need anybody to enlight more on how to solve this issue
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