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  1. 2 months have already passed, But as before, as of now, my Gigs are not in the search results․ Maybe this is intentional on Fiverr's side or they are not aware that there is a technical problem, so I am going to leave Fiverr and continue my work on other freelance platforms. I wasted a lot of time and got a great rating by becoming a second level seller and this is what happened to me. There is no future in Fiverr and you should not have any serious hopes with this platform, because no matter how much you reach your goal, one day they can deprive you for everything , without any valid reason. And I advise those staying here to think about their future and not rely only on this platform․
  2. Until now, I trust that the Fiverr has serious technical problems and they want to hide it from us and they don't want to admit that it is so. This is why you and I and many others like us can't find our gigs in search results
  3. Yes, I know that they look down on all sellers, and are always biased, that's why I suggest that we unite and if we all demand, they cannot fail to comply with our request
  4. Who remembers the ability to send 10 offers per day (Buyer Requests) that was removed by Fiverr months ago? Please confirm if you have financial and order decreasing after removing this feature and let's all demand the leadership of Fiverr to bring back that opportunity.
  5. When I write to them, their team gives evasive answers, it feels like I'm talking to a robot, because they always write the same standard answers that have nothing to do with my questions.
  6. This problem is really on Fiverr side but they avoid admitting it, or it's just intentional on their part, I can't think of anything else.
  7. Have you also faced this problem and you can assure me that one day my Gigs will come back?
  8. Some of them have 5 to 15 impressions in the last 7 days
  9. When Fiverr had a technical problem 25 days ago, my gigs remained inactive for several hours. They fixed the problem, but until today my gigs are not in the search results. I can't find them even using the filter buttons (Online sellers and Local sellers). My friends and my former buyers also can't find my gigs. During all this time, I regularly contacted the Fiverr support team, but they did not give me any clear answer or help, they only claim that everything is fine and my gigs are active. I tell them that I know and see that it is active, but it is not in the search results and no one can find it, I also sent them several video screens as facts that my friends and my regular buyers try to search for my request, but they didn't find my gigs. Again they avoid any clear answer or explanation and again insist that everything is normal... Who is familiar with this problem and who can tell me something clear or help me?
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