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  1. Fiverr is also not accepting this glitch. How we can report this problem? As many of sellers are facing this problem.
  2. So how we can solve this? Why Fiverr is doing this with many of sellers? Even after a very hard work. How sellers can survive on this?
  3. Hi, thanks for the detailed reply. After my gigs are down i completed 4 orders and got positive feedbacks from my previous clients. But gigs are at same state. Nothing is happening. Despite of our best efforts Fiverr is doing this with many of sellers. Let's hope to get back my gigs soon.
  4. This is happening with many of Fiverr sellers. I am facing the same issue, all of things are okay, 5 stars other statistics are 100% near to completion level 2 but since last 3 months gigs are out from search.
  5. Putting at last pages are understandable, but pulling out from search is something surprising. I also have good feedback, my clients are also happy, but this problem is really unable to understand.
  6. I am facing the same problem since 2 months. Nobady is available to help. It is really suprising, because all of things are okay and fiverr is not accepting that our gigs are out from search. I tried to reach through Twitter, but having the same answers. Let's see, how we can solve it together.
  7. No one can help about this matter. Only fiverr can do somehting. No any authentic answer from anyone.
  8. If you will check, many of the sellers are facing this problem including me. There is no answer to this question. Inspite of having all of the statistics 100% with 5 stars rating, but no search results. Fiverr has to take serious action about this problem. Many of sellers are still unable to find the reason behind this. Forum is full of this question, but no one can help about this issue.
  9. This is a big question for all of us and still a mystery about how and why Fiverr not giving results in searches.
  10. You are right and i agree to. Or maybe Fiverr is trying to give a chance to new sellers, but this is totally not acceptable, if someone is working hard and try to give their best, suddenly they are pulling you out o search without any reason.
  11. As you guys may be remeber, on 25th or 26th March Fiverr did some upgrades regarding User Experience and immediately after this upgrade, my gigs are not showing in search result.
  12. The same situation is happening with me. Whenever i asked to CS they have same answers. Pulling out gigs without any reason is suspicious.
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