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Hi, I am unsure where to look to hire someone for a task - related to digital news, entertainment, opinion, information and the differences between them




So if I wanted to find someone to write up a list of those different categories listed above and the differences between them, where should I go?


We all know news and entertainment is not the same, one includes war and politics and the other includes dungeons and dragons and super enthusiastic and biased sports reporting. We understand that opinion can be about either of those topics but we don't expect opinion pieces to straight up lie to us, do we?


So, how exactly are they not the same? What criteria does one have, that the other does not?


That's what I wanna know, and I would appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction so I can find someone to help me get some answers.


Thank you.

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If you're unsure about which service to go for then I suggest you write a brief (Post a request) on Fiverr. It's a feature through will sellers will be able to contact you after reading your request and project requirements, and you can choose any sellers whom you see fit.

For this go to Fiverr and on the upper right, click on your profile icon. Select "Post a request" and write your project details. 

If you need help with Fiverr Beiefs you can see this article here.

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