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How to start a Fiverr order?

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Once a Buyer places an order and leaves instructions, it’s essential for you, as the seller, to acknowledge the order. Even if you exchanged messages previously and believe you understand their needs clearly, thank the Buyer and let them know that you might have questions as you proceed. This shows them that you’re actively interested in their satisfaction.




Explain what your process will look like, any significant steps or milestones and when should they expect those by. You, as the expert, will also know what Buyers often confuse when ordering your services, so take that opportunity to clarify that and break down all the details included and not included, if you didn’t have the opportunity to do that with a Customer Offer.


Setting the right expectations from the beginning will be essential to increase the chances of a satisfied customer, making the experience better for the Buyer and for you avoiding miscommunication.



It’s also vital to review their instructions as soon as possible, even if you have adequate time to deliver. Make sure that you understand the instructions and don’t have any follow-up questions. Also, it’s a good idea to ask your buyer to check their Fiverr messages should you have questions later.


Stay engaged. Building a successful presence on Fiverr isn’t solely about sales. Your gig won’t grow unless customer satisfaction is high and your reviews are positive. Don’t simply disappear when you receive an order and reappear when it's time to deliver. Look over the reviews of successful sellers, and you’ll see that Buyers aren’t simply talking about on-time delivery. Often, they mention “great communication” and “excellent service.” 


If you want to be top in your category, work at being the best all-around Seller from the very beginning. 


Here are some articles from the resource Center that will help you navigate those orders:

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