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Customer service is everything.

Being buyer-friendly on Fiverr requires more than just meeting and exceeding expectations. Message Management is just as essential to your account's growth. Responding quickly to inquiries from potential buyers and buyers with orders already in progress will directly impact your buyer satisfaction and, in turn, help you level up faster.



Your dashboard includes two crucial indicators related to messaging: Inbox Response Rate and Order Response Rate

Inbox Response Rate tracks your response to the first message from a potential buyer.  The quicker you reply, the more likely you will close the deal and sell your gig. The Inbox Response Rate tracks the percentage of first messages you answered within 24 hours over the last 60 days. Your percentage will decline if you don’t respond within 24 hours.

Respond quickly, however, and buyers are far more likely to close the deal. Our stats show that sellers that respond to new inquiries within twelve hours triple their chances of closing a sale than those who respond after twelve hours. 


Buyers are looking to get their job done and won’t wait long. If they don’t hear from you, they will likely move on to a more responsive seller.  


Similarly, the Order Response Rate tracks your responsiveness to messages you receive from buyers associated with an active order, including order start messages, revision requests, and any contact the buyer may have along the way. 

It’s a good idea to initiate contact once the purchase is made with a simple “Thank you, I have everything that I need to start your order and I will reach out if I have any questions”. This goes a long way in demonstrating that you’re genuinely interested in the buyer and value their business. 




Also, remember that Fiverr offers several highly effective tools to help you manage your messages efficiently. 

  • Download the Fiverr App to receive notifications on new messages wherever you are.
  • You can set up custom Quick Responses to reply when you have little time, assuring contact with the buyer and protecting your response rate.
  • If you’re unavailable for an extended period, be sure to visit your profile page, where you can click on “Set Availability” and enter the time and details of your absence. Buyers visiting your gig or profile pages will see that you’re unavailable and have the opportunity to leave a message. Using this feature ensures that your Inbox Response Rate won’t be impacted.
  • And Remember, you don’t need to respond directly to spam or inappropriate messages. Each message includes the ability to send a report to Fiverr.. Sending that report removes the message from your queue and the obligation to respond. 

The key to attracting and keeping customers on Fiverr isn’t a secret. Like every great relationship, buyers and sellers thrive on Great Communication.

Want to read more? Check out our Help Center articles:


Part of the Seller Plus program and facing challenges managing messages? Connect with your success manager for personalized recommendations.


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