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Time Management Tips

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If you’re trying to build a sustainable career on Fiverr, one of the best ways to satisfy past, present, and future customers is by delivering On-Time. Your success is built both on the work you deliver and on building trust with the Buyer.


Your On-Time Delivery Rate looks back over the last 60 days and calculates the percentage of orders delivered on or before the delivery date and time. Even orders delivered a minute late will count against you.


As a Seller, you should always remember that Buyers submit an order because they need a job done now. Your on-time delivery is essential to them and should be just as important to you.


The good news? With careful planning, you can achieve a 100% on-time delivery rate. Here’s how:


For each Gig, you should determine a delivery time that’s both fast and efficient for Buyers and comfortable for you as the Seller. In other words, if it's an order for a package that usually takes two days, set the delivery time for three days.  If you need the extra time, it’s there. If not, the Buyer will have a pleasant surprise when you deliver early.


Ensure you understand the Buyer’s needs entirely at the beginning of the order and that they have provided all the resources you need to complete the job. When an order appears, inspect it immediately, and let the Buyer know if something is unclear or information is missing.


Make sure the Buyer understands your workflow process and their responsibility in providing the necessary information and guidance so that you can meet their expectations.


If you need extra time to complete the job, let the Buyer know as soon as possible (don’t wait until the last minute). Click on the “Extend delivery date” link just below the green “Deliver Now” button to ask the Buyer for an extension to your deadline so that you can protect your On-time Delivery reputation and assure Buyers are updated as we go which can affect their satisfaction. 

Remember, On-time delivery refers only to the initial delivery and not any subsequent revisions.



As a freelancer you have the freedom to set your own schedule and there are many ways to do that depending on what works the best for you and what matches your style. Maybe you like to tackle your tasks as you go through your day or maybe you prefer to use Time Blocking, regardless of which one, using a calendar it’s a must! Having your different meetings and tasks organized will help you get through them objectively and keep track where you are dedicating your time.


And that is not only where technology can help you with time management nowadays. 


There is a wide variety of resources available, from project management boards/platforms that can help you organize your projects to automation functionalities and templates to optimize your process.

Limiting Orders in Queue it’s another option on Managing Orders that allow you time to work on the projects that you have at hand before receiving new projects.


Here you can find an article for the different statuses of your orders and when an order is considered Late or Very Late.


Part of the Seller Plus program and facing challenges managing your On-Time Delivery? Connect with your success manager.

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