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Brief issue.


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Hi @web_team9,

1 hour ago, web_team9 said:

I'm level one seller, but I have no brief since december . How can I get it?

Rather than focus on getting briefs, focus on being attractive to your customers so that they'll want to place orders with you.

1 hour ago, web_team9 said:

Check my profile here , and please tell me how can I improve it?

I think your gig looks too generic and too much like other web developers' gigs on the platform. There isn't anything that makes you stand out or makes a buyer want to place an order with you.

Have you read this article by @breals? He is also a web designer and top-rated seller on Fiverr. He wrote these tips to help new web designers:


Also, the more you can make your gigs attractive to your target buyers and speak to their pain points, the more likely you'll get buyers who want to buy from you. Here's a buyer's perspective (mine) to help you tailor your gigs for your target audience:


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