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  1. Im level one seller, but last 1 year I was out of fiverr, how can I get back my ranking ?
  2. I have just noticed one thing that, I have same problem. When I have add video then my gig get start impression a lot. you also try it. Thanks
  3. I am level 1 seller, my last delivery was 10 month ago, after that I have no order, How can I get back order here?

    My account here please check and suggest me : https://www.fiverr.com/web_team9

  4. Thank you @vickieito, But there nothing especial for me, I have already used all tips.
  5. I'm level one seller, but I have no brief since december . How can I get it? Please help anyone. Check my profile here , and please tell me how can I improve it?
  6. @sozin9999There is no other way than doing gig marketing in the right way that you will get order very fast in fiver. So you have to do regular social media marketing, moreover since you have given only one gig in Fiver, you have to SEO the gig well first like you do your own image SEO do title SEO and put your favorite keywords in your gig description in this way if you follow the right rules If you can do SEO and do social media marketing then you will get orders.
  7. I Have no Idea about bullet point, can you please tell me about it ?
  8. I have already publish 3 new gig there, and deleted older gig.
  9. @printingitemis there any other way to improve gig rank ?
  10. Yes! I have deleted all of my gig and set new gigs there .
  11. I'm a level one seller here but almost 3 month There is no order in my account. How can I get back my Order?
  12. I think It will not profitable for you. If you want You should delete your old gig and create a new one, it will be beater for you.
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