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Feature Request - Delivery Extensions Auto-Accept


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Sorry in advance for the long post, but I wanted to share our thoughts about the current “Delivery Extension” system that is currently on Fiverr on the seller’s end and how it should be improved. Attached is a screenshot from a current order that prompted me to post this.

Recently, our “On-Time Delivery” stat hovers around the low 90% range and we have worked hard to keep all our (other) stats at or above 90%. However, in the past few months, buyers have been extremely unavailable or extremely unresponsive regarding their orders. 

With the orders we do, it normally REQUIRES responses from the buyers to move forward. Usually, we would send an order delivery extension if we had not been hearing back. Recently, we have had to send multiples of these, since we would not hear back for a week or two and the delivery extension requests would expire. 

Then, when the buyer is finally online for the first time in weeks, if they do send us what we need to move forward, we try to catch them while they are online and send them a new delivery extension request for them to approve, since the ones we already sent would be expired. However, they normally become unresponsive again and the delivery extension expires, again.

Then, we would finish their order and send them more delivery extension requests, so that we would not be penalized for a late delivery due to their unresponsiveness, but again, would never hear back. 

So, with many orders over the past few months, we faced a hard dilemma, where we could either wait, let the order hang indefinitely, and hope the buyer would be online to see and approve the delivery extension request while it is active, or we would have to deliver their order and just take the hit and it is deemed a “late delivery.” 

This put us in a hard position since we are a business and we pay our staff, so needing to wait weeks and sometimes months for an unresponsive buyer really hurts us when it comes to trying to coordinate our cashflow, based on the orders we have. 

Since so many buyers are unresponsive lately, we have had to make the hard decision to deliver their projects and take the “late delivery” hit on our account, so we could get the revenue for the order and so we would not have to wait weeks or months until the buyer gets back to us, that is, if they got back to us at all. 

Since Fiverr is starting to test allowing buyers to add additional time to their orders to review deliveries, I think it would be fair to make it so that if sellers send a delivery extension request, rather than the delivery extension getting withdrawn after 2 days, it should automatically be accepted after 2 days. This way, if a seller has a completely unresponsive buyer and the seller is ready to deliver or wants/needs to wait longer for them to respond, the seller is not penalized for this, and this way the buyer still has a chance to “decline” the delivery extension if they don’t want to extend. Otherwise, I think it should automatically be extended if there is no response from the buyer. This would make it so the seller does not have to indefinitely wait and essentially put the order on indefinite hold or take a “late delivery” hit on our account so we can deliver the order by no fault of their own.

I also want Fiverr to be aware of the situation that most of the sellers (like myself) are in where we face this issue. I know that Fiverr prides itself in having a lot of gigs that can be done with on-person teams, but we offer specialized and custom services that require a number of people involved. Our Success Manager has let us know how important it is to keep our ratings, and we work hard to get everything at 100% (or at least in the high 90 percents) and maintain those stats. But, our in-time delivery stats drop due to the situation I explained. 


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