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  1. I think you don’t need to delete any gig but you should create a new gig with same service some different title , different image and same category but different subcategory then your rank may be improve also previous gig rank should improve due to improve rank of new gig .
  2. I dont know but I want ask you are telling success tips but I am very surprise to see your profile n want ask why are you not taking orders from year 2016 ? What is the reason please tell the fiverr users which you given success tips but you self don’t getting order ?
  3. I think you should change your photo not looking good . and put smile pic
  4. Thanks for reply but what I said to fiverr support ? What message I have to write them ? Thanks
  5. Hello I am again facing one issue . Before some days A new buyer message for design website but he don’t know what he need for this so I help her n tell everything what I need to design web so she gave me contents n than place me 3 orders . I mean every order was for $10 because she has less budget so I sent her 3 offer for design website as she want page by page . Than as I design first page than I deliver as every order was for 1 page than after complete 3 to 4 pages she complete first order gave me 4.3 rating which I was not except . I am 5 star seller than after some time she complete one more order but I don’t given her rate feedback till now so don’t know what she given me n now she complete 3 rd order without any feedback . than she asking me to connect domain to website so I asked her for domain login details n says her to purchass wix plan because wix only connect domain when you will upgrade those so I sent him package list link what wix offer and after see package she says oh she was not expecting that she have to pay every miont to wix for connect domain. And than now says me to refund all for 3 order but I said sorry I am not able to refund I have done complete work than she says don’t mind I will fix that from elsewhere than she get offline . Now please expert tell me what should I do now she don’t want pay wix for connect domain every month n I think she will go to fiver support . As the connect domain was padrt of order n I am ready to do it if she purchass wix plan but she don’t want purchase . . I am afraiding one last order which feedback don’t given so I don’t know what will she will give but there are not my fault . what should I do now please let me know . thanks
  6. One thing more . it is against the TOS if seller do extra work for buyer ? That is true ? Plese confirm . thanks
  7. Actually I can’t delete website because there are a app which subscription he has purchased that why those website can’t remiove . but I am trying to make agree to buyer stay with his offer so I sent him copy of offer to show which he sent me before order n As per offer I have done all work but due to his more requirement I m confused what I do now so I sent him again offer cooy n waiting for his reply . He don’t given me reply what I do next ? If I deliver than he will send negitive review n if I send him new offer for extra work than he will send cancel order request n my all previous work he will take . please suggest me what should u do now ? Thanks
  8. Hello but a app which was placed on those website . so those buyer has been purchase a plan for those app that why website could not be delete so somebody can tell me is there any way I can transfer those premium plan for those PayPal app from one site to another wix site ?
  9. Hello fiverr support mrddage me to remove work what I done and cancel order .
  10. No sir order Is active till now. I did not get paid but buyer demanding more work without pay extra so I want cancel order n delete pages design by me
  11. Yes that is very good suggestion . but what if he demanding more work without paying extra ?
  12. Hello I need help from wix experts . Actually I am facing some issue where buyer said me to design 2 pages in wix template so I designed it now he demanding more pages design without paying extra so it is possible can I cancel order n delete pages designed by me ? Fiverr allow this ? Pleas reply me asap . thanks
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