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3 hours ago, zahra_expert2 said:

Why my gig  is putt on third page after one page?

What is its solution?

Impression was 2000  and now under 600


Several Reasons: 

  • May be your competitors are performing better than you
  • You have created only ONE gig so I think these stats looks fine to me. 
  • May be you have gotten negative private feedback by your buyers (which you cannot see) etc.

It is time for you to create more gigs! You cannot work well with only one gig! Learn more skills and create gigs related to them!

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14 hours ago, smartdezigns said:

It is time for you to create more gigs! You cannot work well with only one gig! Learn more skills and create gigs related to them!

I had only one gig for about a year before I increased to... two! I'm working 12 hours a day minimum with just two gigs, and employ a sub-editor fulltime. I've never earned higher than I do now from my paltry two gigs. 🙂

I am sure that it's better to offer one gig and do this better than most others than to offer four gigs and risk underperforming by veering off into an area in which there's less expertise or confidence.

It all depends on what the seller's one gig is and why they choose to only have one.

One of the key benefits of multiple gigs is increased visibility. If I were short of work, I would consider adding another gig. But there are many sellers who keep their gig number at the lowest point because they're already turning away more work than they can handle. I only have two gigs (okay, I show three but the third is quite niche and I'll rarely give a Custom Offer for that one). To my mind, it would be irresponsible of me to add more gigs and turn away more buyers. The aim is not to keep letting people down. 

Another problem with adding more gigs is that they can generate too many messages; I'd rather service my clients at the highest level than be pulled in all directions trying to answer too many incoming messages about multiple gigs.

With only two gigs, I am still turning away between six and eight of every ten large jobs offered to me, each one being over $1800.

I did begin by selling my services at the $5 price point back in late 2019; I'd joined Fiverr in 2018 but as I had a large volume of private clients outside here (from my website), I only turned to Fiverr to begin marketing my gig in late 2019.

Strong growth is absolutely achievable with a single gig if you offer an excellent product and deliver to a consistently high standard. It's all about knowing your strengths and identifying a key product for which the market is looking!

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