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Why does impression reduces and what causes it?



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Hi @j_writer001, Welcome to the forum! 😊

1 hour ago, j_writer001 said:

Why does impression reduces and what causes it?

Impressions are based on how "relevant" you are when buyers search for your services on Fiverr's marketplace. The more relevant you are, the more visible you will be in search. When your impressions go down, this means you are seen as less "relevant" than other gigs on the marketplace.

Relevancy is based on two factors: 1) the relevancy of your gig (think title, tags, and gig descriptions) and 2) your seller performance (e.g., quick responses, more orders, faster deliveries, happier customers, good seller metrics, etc.). You might have good seller metrics, but if another seller has more orders, responding quicker, or performing better than you, they will be seen as more relevant.

You can read more about how Fiverr works and how you can become the seller that Fiverr wants to promote:




And here's what you can do to improve your gigs so that they attract your target clients:


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