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Am I being scammed?




I have recently signed up to Fiverr and in one of my gigs I am offering data Entry Services. I have been contacted by some companies who are requesting my convert picture text into Word which is something I am able to support with, however; they are requesting a deposit before I start work on their projects. This really doesn't feel right to me and quite frankly sounds a bit "scammy". Although as I've said I am very new to freelancing so I was wanting to know if this is normal?





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It doesn’t just sound a bit scammy. It sounds VERY scammy.

Why would anyone hiring you ever need you to pay them money. Think about it. It doesn’t make much sense, does it? They’re praying that you’re gonna be desperate to get your first order and be more careless than you usually would.

And, yes, you will always be contacted by scammers, but I think the legitimate buyers outnumber them greatly.  They might target new sellers to a greater degree, though.

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It is a SCAM.

Do not work with anyone who asks you to deposit the money first. On Fiverr, it is only suggested to start working on a project when an order is placed by the buyer. 

No genuine buyer will ask you to depoist the money for their project. It is one of the fraudulent scams of the freelancing industry.

I suggest you to read & understand the Fiverr Terms thoroughly. That will help you a lot. 

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