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Please help - Which type of video works best for gigs?


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I want to get a video sorted for my gigs, just wondering which style has worked for you?

  • The testimonal type, a respectable looking person talking about company/gig etc?
  • The flashy text style (with no voice over)
  • The flashy text style (with a voice over)

    Really dont know which would be best (for my website review gig).

    Any advice greatly appreciated 🙂
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Yes, the report will outline where they can make improvements on their website.

Awesome advice. I have video making skills (shooting, editing etc) I just don’t think I am very photogenic haha. I also have a very broad northern english accent, but I could see how that would work better than than the flashy text style.

Hmm some definite food for thought! Thanks 🙂

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