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Buyer Neither replying nor accepting the delivery. Keep requesting for revisions.



Hello! I need some suggestion. I'm dealing with a weird situation. I have a client, I made him some animated advertising banners. Before delivering, I sent him the demo design, He approved the design, I completed the work. Then he asked me to convert them to a different format (HTML5 to AMPHTML). I send him extra offer, but he said, he can not accept this, will add this in tip.....I did the extra work for free anyways.....But now he is not accepting the delivery, he keep asking for the revisions, saying "Design not professional". Also not replying to me at all. This is my gig premium pkg, I want that money for the work I did..... Should I contact Customer support? Will it will be any beneficial to me, as fiverr prefer buyer over seller.








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Hi @talhashaheen,  

It looks like the buyer took your work and is trying to get away with not paying for it.

1 hour ago, talhashaheen said:

Should I contact Customer support?

Yes, definitely contact Customer Support and provide all of the screenshots of your non-responsive buyer.

1 hour ago, talhashaheen said:

Will it will be any beneficial to me, as fiverr prefer buyer over seller.

I used to think that Fiverr prefers buyers over sellers, but that isn't true. 

Fiverr Support has been very helpful to me as a seller. I also had a non-responsive buyer that took my work (and I ended up canceling the order).  Not only did Fiverr Support make sure that the cancelation didn't affect my seller statistics, a month later they paid me for the work that I did (that the buyer had access to). You can read about this experience here:


To get started, I suggest you create a support ticket here:


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