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14 minutes ago, max3dmodel said:

There is no easy or quick thing here on Fiverr. If you have skills and experience in a specific service, start selling from that. If you don't have any skills, please don't bother other sellers by doing a 'drop service' thing.

You need work to have experience, you need experience to have work 😅

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Hi @mr_riyas_mhd,

On your profile - 

  • Instead of "I need a Client satisfy. I'll do your order while you'll say OK!!" - talk about how you can solve your client's problem.

On your gig

  • Consider adding a gig video and 2 PDFs to further highlight your portfolio and skills - This gives you credibility when you have no reviews.
  • You state, "My service is totally different from other sellers." - This is great information! Please explain how you are different.
  • Unlimited Revisions - This is only asking for problems and makes buyers question the quality of your services. Limit your revisions and charge for extras.
  • Money Back Guarantee - This raises question in buyers' mind - don't make them doubt the quality of your work.
  • My work isn't complete until you are 100% satisfied - There are some clients that you just can't satisfy, so this is a promise you can't make.
  • "Sent If you have any Idea samples logo" - I'm not sure what you mean here ....can you clarify?
  • "i' always online for you." should be "I'm always online for you." - However, I would avoid saying this. You shouldn't be online 24/7. Buyers should understand that you need time to sleep and take care of your needs. Just make sure that you are responsive to any messages that come in.
6 hours ago, mr_riyas_mhd said:

Is that good or not? 

This is where you have to study your gig's performance to see if it's good or not. If you are getting impressions, clicks, and orders, then your gig is good.

If you aren't getting impressions, then you aren't relevant enough - so check your titles, tags, and make sure you are performing well as a seller and responding to messages in a timely manner.

If you aren't getting clicks, then your gig isn't attractive enough - so look at making your gig video, thumbnails, prices, and titles more attractive.

If you aren't getting orders, buyers are leaving your gig page and are choosing your competition - so rewrite your bio and gig descriptions to make it more attractive to your buyers. Utilize all of your FAQs to answer any question a potential buyer might have.

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