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38 minutes ago, unitedstate123 said:

unfortunately my all rank gigs to much drank around 1 years, every things i did update but not a get positive response. please check my i.d where is my mistake. I'm very worried.

Hi @unitedstate123, I'm guessing because of the four 1-3 star reviews that you received a year ago. You also received a 3.3 star review three months ago. It can be really hard to recover from those negative reviews. You also got several 4 star reviews, which could translate into negative private reviews, which do greatly impact your visibility in search.

The best you can do is listen to the comments and feedback that you are getting from your customers and make the necessary changes to deliver the best service to your customers.

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Here's my question. I'm a level two seller, my rank gigs drank, i try many updates and change the thumbnail and create a more attractive, but unfortunately my all trying waste and my all gigs still drank around 1 years, also i share to much on social media but not get a positive response. please check my i.d and inspect where is my fault?

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