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Top Tip: How to Pick the Right Industry For Maximum Impact 📈

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matching your logo designs effectively with the right industry-specific pick is essential for you to get more exposure for your work and attract the right clients. With Fiverr Logo Maker, you have the option of adding unlimited industry-specific options to your work, but just like too much of anything good, adding too many options that aren't strategically chosen can be counter-productive. 


So how do you find the happy medium and get the most impact for your choosing efforts?

Our must-read article on industry selecting says it all, but here are the cliff notes:


The (Not So) Secret Formula to Success with Industry selecting is... 

The more specific your industry picks are, the higher your logo will rank in that category. 

It's really that simple.

Industry selections in our logo generator are divided into Head Industries, Sub-Industries, and even more specific micro-industries. The key is to be as specific as possible without going overboard – remember, you want your work to be easily found by potential clients who are looking for a logo design just like yours, not lost in a sea of too many options.

Using a wide array of Head Industries on one design is not going to be as effective as using a well-suited Sub-Industries or micro-industries.

Adding too many industry picks to your design can actually hinder your design's ranking, so focusing on the industry in which your logo has the highest chances of shining is your best way to stand out in a specific category.



Random Industry picks will Give You Random Results

Would you rather be on the first page of results in a specific industry, or on the 100th page of a more general collection of designs? It's a no brainer.

By matching your logo with specific Head Industries, Sub-Industries, and micro-industries that are perfectly suited to your design, you are increasing the chances that potential clients looking for logo designs in those industries will find your work. 

Industry choosing is an opportunity to tell the algorithm exactly which buyers will be most likely to purchase your design. Going with too many different industries will water down your work, and make it difficult for the algorithm to place you in front of the right clients. Remember, the algorithm is advanced but it's not mind-reading – it relies on the data you provide about your design to determine where it should appear in search results.


The Best Industry picks are Relevant and Specific


It's the small fish in a big pond vs. big fish in a small pond scenario. Hint: You want to be the big fish 😉 

Here is how you can strategically target relevant industries when adding industry picks to your logo designs:

  • Stay Relevant: Aim for the most specific industry that your design is applicable to. 
  • Get down to the nitty gritty: Narrow it down to the micro-industry level, if you can.
  • Know when to make the cut: Eliminate the random industry picks that don't make sense: If it isn't relevant or specific, don't add it.
  • Get into your target buyer's mind: Look at your logo from a buyer's perspective. If you were looking for a logo for a real estate company, the chances of you selecting the motorbike-themed logo on page 100 is pretty slim. Rather, you're more likely to select one of the first relevant logos that come up in your search.


Choosing RELEVANT and SPECIFIC industry pick can mean the difference between getting found first and being lost in the noise. With a little thought and strategic planning, you can tell the algorithm exactly which buyers you're looking for, ensuring that your logo designs are being seen by the right people, in the right industries, at the right time. 


Below are some examples of logo designs that we've optimized for maximum search results.

  • Green industries are the industries we've added to maximize results
  • Red industries are the relevant, yet less relevant than others, industries we've removed to ensure relevancy and specificity.
    Remember- It's not about right or wrong, just pick your preferred top areas. You can always come back and change it according to the logo performance. Our recommendation is to stick with four or five of the most relevant options.



Our industry picks- Renovation Services, Architecture, Interior Design, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, Property Management, Residential Real Estate, Urban Areas

Example for possible tags- house


Our industry picks- Athletics, Fitness Club/Gym/Center, Dancing school, Sports Fan Club, Sports Instruction/Coaching, Sports Team/Club, Cheerleading

Example for possible tags- tiger , pompoms, shield


Our industry picks- Catering, Food & Beverage Blog/Channel, Burger, Pizzeria, Seafood Restaurant, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Steakhouse & Grill, Mediterranean Food, Fast Food, Bars

Example for possible tags-beer, alcohol, grill, bbq


Our industry picks- Hair Care, Beauty & Cosmetics Blog/Channel, Beauty & Cosmetics Products, Barber Shops

Example for possible tags- clippers, trimmer


Our industry picks- Agriculture Blog/Channel, Crops Farming, Landscape Design, Gardening Services Agricultural Consulting, Agriculture Blog/Channel, Agriculture Company, Green Economy, Cleaning Services

Example for possible tags- grass, lawn, mower


Our industry picks- Cafes & Coffee Shops, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, Bakeries & Baked Goods Stores, Bars

Example for possible tags- coffee, beans


All logo designs by mijalzagier

Read our article on industry tagging for an in-depth explanation on how to make the most of your industry tags for enhanced visibility and increased revenue on Fiverr Logo Maker.


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