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  1. WOW. What a surprise. I'm very excited. Really its look very nice. Just awesome
  2. This is the right decision in an Indian bad situation. Absolutely, given tips will help Indian Freelancers. Thanks for supporting India.
  3. Just chill. You have to work hard for this success. Congratulations 🔥 Best of luck.
  4. Best Of Luck.Hopefully, you will succeed very quickly
  5. Welcome to the forum. Be Patience & Try to stay active online as much as possible, success will come. In sha Allah
  6. I saw your GIG. Almost everything is fine. Those who are new are late in getting orders. Someone ( new seller ) received the order within a month, and more than that later. So, you have to be patient. Try to stay online as much as you can. Hope you get the order very soon. Best of luck .
  7. Congratulation on your big achievement 🔥 If all goes well, you will receive level one badge at Next Evaluation ( 15 Date ) .
  8. Welcome to Fiverr . You succeed very quickly. You must work hard for it. Along with that you have to have Patience . All the best .
  9. Hey, Welcome to the forum . :no_good_man: best of luck
  10. Yes. You can. However, it is better not to give if the client does not want.Many clients do not like it .Moreover, there is an option to add video to the gig. Where you can showcase your skills.
  11. Really sorry to hear that, But not every seller is bad. Professional sellers are very caring towards the buyer and first priority is customer satisfaction . I think good communication plays a big role in ensuring maximum results. In the future you will be very careful in choosing a seller .
  12. If all goes well, Next evaluations will be ( Level one ) promoted. Advance Congratulation 🔥
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