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Hello fam,
I wrote several (more than ten) articles for a client and posted all these blogs in over 10 websites. You know it isn't that easy learning the features of all these websites, publishing all these blog posts and also adding links and images. The client reached out to me with a different username three days after the order was marked as complete and asked me to continue publishing his blogs in these websites since the blog posts haven't yet ranked on Google. Now, if it was that easy I would do it but I'm honestly skeptical about this. Please advice.

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15 hours ago, vickieito said:

Hi @dennysshawn,

The fact that this client is using a different username is also a red flag. They aren't allowed to have more than one account.

You can politely decline this project or raise your price. I personally would just decline.

Thank you so much for the advice, Vickie.

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