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Hello every one 
I hope you are doing well  i want to discuss my issue with i would be thank full to all of you if you can read it and reply me 
I am from pakistan i am seller on fiver from the last three years i am animator providing 2d animated vidoe to the client i am really sad because once my gig is rank so fiver de rank it once it comes to the first page on different key words so fiver direck de rank it this is not only my issue this is the issue of the whole pakistani freelancers all of them are really confused and there is no bad rating. no cancellation. orders nothing else, without reason fiver de rank gigs and then we can not see our gig on fiver this happen to me so many time recently last 15 date my gig got de rank there was 85 orders all of them were 5 star review not less than 5 star review and my buyers were rally happy from me even they were leaving tips as well and my gig got de rank this happen to me three times i can give you prove  so can you please  tell us that why fiver de rank pakistani seller gigs?
waiting for your reply thank you so much

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Welcome to the forum, @oronoz42!

I hope you are safe and doing well!

To answer your questions (and to clarify how Fiverr works) -

Fiverr doesn't "rank" gigs. Because there is no ranking, Fiverr isn't "deranking" gigs. It is a matching service specifically tailored to the buying habits of each buyer. So what you see in search won't be what others see in search. And since gigs are also rotated to allow exposure for all sellers, the placement of your gig may change from time to time. So don't worry about what page you are finding your gig in search. It will be different all the time. 

SEO and keywords only matter in that they need to be relevant to your service. Other factors that affect whether your gig is found in search relate to your seller performance ... compared to other sellers in your category. So even though your seller statistics are perfect, if another seller is doing better than you - for example, more orders, faster response times, and quicker deliveries - you will be shown less in search. This assessment is based on the last 60 - 90 days.

Fiverr isn't picking on Pakistani sellers. With the flooding going on in Pakistan, I know many sellers were unable to take on more orders, complete orders, deliver fast, or respond quickly. So Fiverr's algorithm, unfortunately, adjusted accordingly.

Luckily the human side of Fiverr (Customer Support) has been able to cancel orders without it affecting Pakistani seller statistics. It's also a good sign that you have been getting orders and making deliveries because every order can count towards improving your performance and increasing your relevancy in search. So your numbers can change and your visibility in search can improve over time.

I really wish the best for you and your business!

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