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I'd still send offers to buyer requests you can do well (if they are reasonable requests) if you aren't getting orders other ways and want them.

In your "write your website content" gig you have proofreading in the basic package. It might be better to have a separate gig for proofreading.

In that website content gig you don't seem to say how much content you'll write - how many words?

In the basic package it says "i will proofread". If you keep the proofreading I'd change how that line is written.

That gig's description starts with "Hi Dear, My name is" and has a couple of sentences that start with "you will". I'd change those.


In the research gig I'd change the first sentence in the description.

In the CV gig I'm not sure the gig description is unique enough. In the standard package in that gig maybe change where it says "description giving to me".

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