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So I have had my account since 2020 (I'm not sure), and I haven't gotten ANY customers AT ALL. I don't want to be dramatic, but sometimes I'm just sad that no one is ordering. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and tips from Fiverr, and still nothing. I have five gigs, from retouching photos, designing Business Cards, Logos, making YouTube Thumbnails and even YouTube Video organic promotion. The most impressions I had in one month is 34. Does anyone have any good tips? I want to make some money, that's all :(

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Hi Andy, welcome to the forum!

The forum is a great place to learn about how you can improve your business. I think this article will help you:


Since you have very low impressions, your gigs aren't getting shown to buyers who are searching for your services. In order to get higher up in search, you have to improve your seller statistics - it's not just about title & tags, your performance is being measured against other sellers and if they are responding faster than you or getting more orders, they'll be shown higher up in search.

One of the best ways to improve seller statistics is to get orders. If you're not getting it organically through search, that means you need to explore other ways to get orders. Try making offers to Buyer Requests or advertise your services to people you know that may need your services. More orders will help you gain better visibility in search.

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