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Got house & lot coz of Fiverr earning! Just want to express my deep appreciation for Fiverr.


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I am planning to write a blog post or YouTube content about this in the near future.

But I just want to give my deep appreciation for Fiverr International.

It was 2014 when I knew of Fiverr because of a previous freelancing client. My first gigs were transcription and writing tasks. Just a few days after I posted my gig, I received multiple orders from one client. I was so happy and worked hard everyday until I mastered transcription and content writing. It's been over 8 years of amazing freelancing journey with Fiverr and would forever be grateful and be there for Fiverr in pursuing greater heights and dreams for this online freelancing marketplace. 

June 22 this year, my housing loan got approved and one of the main earning proofs I presented to the government housing loan institution was my Fiverr earning. I really appreciate the Fiverr team for granting my certificate of earning request. 

Early this year, Fiverr also granted my Cash Advance request, which assisted in my annual online business registration in our country. Hoping I can get another one to help grow my business further. 

Fiverr has helped me and our family in so many ways. 

For new sellers out there, focus on delivering great output everytime to your clients, even going above and beyond, and make sure to deliver on time. 

Now, my goal is to promote my gigs more so that I can receive more orders and that flow of clients coming in would be daily so that work would also be daily. I will also focus more on making a balance between delivering great quality transcripts and articles on time. 


How about you? What have you achieved so far while working for Fiverr or doing business here in Fiverr?

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Hi @evanego! That's awesome that your Fiverr earnings helped get you a housing loan! I also enjoyed reading about your 8-year Fiverr journey. 

My journey is much shorter, but so far, I really enjoy freelancing on Fiverr. I love meeting and working with clients from all over the world! 😊

I posted my first gig in Nov 2021, and have been freelancing on Fiverr full-time since February. I didn't get a housing loan like you did, but I'm happy that I can work from home and make much more than my previous day job. My goal is to keep growing my business!

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