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Buyer purchased wrong gig instead of custom offer due to being impatient

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Hi everyone, 

I have a problem that i'd like some advice for. I offer custom made Lightroom presets and I had a buyer contact me a yesterday wanted to place an order with me. They contacted me first and let me know that they needed the files in a file format that isn't offered in my gig. I asked them the questions I would usually ask to confirm all the order details and said I would need to know the file format they needed, to confirm that it is possible as my usual gig file format wouldn't work for them. I said once I knew it was possible and they had given me the order details, I would send them a custom offer.

They didn't get back to me straight away so I expected to reply to them in the morning (I work in the UK and they are in the US so there is a time difference) however when I checked today, they didn't respond to my questions and placed an order through my gig instead. They have ordered the wrong gig and i'm still not even sure I can provide it in the file format they are asking for!

They only needed 1 preset but have paid for 3 and not given me any other instructions for the other 2 so technically they have overpaid. If i'm able to figure out the file format, would it be wrong to submit the order as it wouldn't be the correct amount of files and in a different file format to my gig offer. I'm concerned that I could get in trouble for underdelivering by Fiverr if they only need 1 preset and that it would be in the wrong file format.

Should I just deliver it as they have asked as it's their error for ordering the wrong gig or should I ask customer support to cancel as they have ordered wrong and ask them to submit the custom offer instead? I don't want to cancel in the normal way as I have a 100% completion rate and shouldn't be punished for them being impatient and ordering the wrong gig.

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Hi @sophiepearce

You can have the buyer cancel with the reason being "ordered by mistake." If done this way, it should not affect your seller stats. Then you can have the buyer accept your custom offer so that you can deliver exactly what the customer wanted to order (and exactly what is stated in your offer). See @imagination7413's links and explanations on how to do the cancelation the right way:


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