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So My gigs are no more searchable in Fiverr. Sellers Please don't join Fiverr as profession


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So today is the most disappointed day of my life. I have completed over 1500+ projects with 100% ratings. Today my 3 gigs are deleted which made over 2000 dollars with 100% gig ratings and also other gigs are removed from Fiverr search. Gigs are deleted because they could not passed Fiverr’s TOS after 4 moths of gig creation. If they did so then they should not be created. I have contacted fiverr support and Julia did great job and it was really helpful for me. She told me what was wrong. I did according to her suggestions and my gigs were searchable again. But at the evening gigs were again removed from search. I contacted again Fiverr support and this time, Max replied me that my gigs could not be searchable any more in Fiverr search.

Currently I have 100% ratings to all my gigs. I answered my customers in really quick time. Have 1000’s of positive feedback on my profile but my gigs are removed from search.

I never break TOS of Fiverr. My question is why they did to me as I have done an excellent job here. If any of my gig is did not meet the fiverr editorials then why I was be able to create a gig?

Please help me getting back my gigs in fiverr search.

I have 98 active orders currently.

I think “oldbittygrandma” can help me because she is always helping others.

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Sorry to hear that. I never encountered that type of problem. I know they have newer gigs come up first in the search, but I never heard of them taking someone’s gig out of the search.

Since they’re a business, I’d threaten them with a report to the BBB if they don’t fix this problem soon. Because this doesn’t sound right at all, how do they expect people to make money if their gig doesn’t show up in the search?

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