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buyer privacy/anonymity


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Username checks out. 😉 Sorry, couldn't resist. 🙂 If you'd like some additional info regarding safety and privacy, these two pages may be interesting to read:



The privacy policy includes, for example, following passage:


We share your personal information with third parties as detailed below:


With users with whom you interact. We share personal information to help facilitate interactions between users. For example, if you are a Buyer we may share certain limited information about you (such as the fact it is your first purchase on Fiverr) with the Seller to ensure the services you receive from the Seller will fit your needs; such sharing of information is limited in scope, and is only intended to improve the services provided by the Seller and your user experience;

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11 hours ago, anon09876 said:

I was wondering if anyone knows if seller can see a buyer's name on credit card?

Sellers knows only your username and whatever is public on your profile (your profile description, languages you listed, reviews left to you by other sellers). They can't see anything else.

Keep in mind that you wouldn't be paying sellers directly when you place the order. You pay Fiverr, and Fiverr only releases the funds to sellers two weeks after the order was marked as complete (and, of course, Fiverr has zero reason to give any seller your personal data).

11 hours ago, anon09876 said:

is there a way to be anonymous/not having seller know the name/address etc.?

You're anonymous by default. The only way for the seller to know your name or address would be if you told them your name and where you live. Just like you don't know the seller's name (unless it's in their username) or address unless they give you that information.

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