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I haven't receive a order since 2 months!


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20 minutes ago, listing_guys said:

Send buyer request and Share your gig in social media. 

Ah, Mr. Ginger, the famous model who sells on Fiverr, has blessed us with his advice. Curiously, he chose to work on Fiverr? Maybe his modeling career is not so good. I wonder if his buyers wonder why he does not look like his typical fellow citizens?


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Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc.

By avoiding spamming to people, you can reach some potential group and share your service in a good manner.
Even you can run paid promotion on that social media platform as well. Better to learn more before you run a paid promotion.

Additionally, there are some sponsored page or group to do marketing post on behalf with a fee, you can try to reach them as well.


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