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What is the most important tip you'll give a young new designer?


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Individuality VS client requirements: how to find a balance.
Find the middle ground between originality and customer expectations.

As creative people, we all face the tension between bringing our personal style and point of view to a project while also satisfying clients. How can we bring originality and still meet expectations?

Start with a thorough understanding of the client's goals, target audience, brand identity, and must-have features. This gives you a framework. Also ask a lot of questions - go deeper into their requests.
Also, be creative within the parameters required. Offer options that uniquely reflect their brand story while leveraging your skills. Ask for feedback and be willing to make compromises. Mastering this balance requires experience and the ability to learn when to bend and when to stand firm.
The key is to use extra time and iteration. Treat projects like true collaborations. With practice, you'll gain the confidence to advocate for quality work while providing top-notch customer service.
Artistic talent must be tempered by the spirit of partnership. If done correctly, customers will be delighted and you will retain pride in the finished product. Remaining flexible, communicating fully, holding freely but firmly to your core values is the recipe for a creation that satisfies both parties.
Keep doing this until you find a happy medium between originality and expectations. The results will be worth it.

Share your experience with budding designers!

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Criticism and Creativity: A Resilient Approach in Design
When Critics Strike: Receiving Feedback With Poise

You unveil your latest design darling, eager for roars of applause. Instead, the critics descend and pick apart your creation. Their harsh words feel like daggers piercing your creative soul.

Breathe in resilience and remember - feedback, though painful, can gift you growth. Pause before reacting. Hear them out fully. Avoid righteous indignation.Consider each critique point fairly. Does it highlight real opportunities to refine your work? Critics often see weak spots that creators miss, being so close to their art.

If clients just want reasonable adjustments, collaborate to find agreeable solutions. Don't assume they're dismissing your work entirely. See compromise. Venting to friends about unfair critics is fine. Just don't burn bridges professionally. Thank critics for caring enough to share their perspective.

Once emotions settle, reflect on lessons learned. How can you avoid similar missteps going forward? Catalog insights gained. As an artist, you must nurture thick skin. Criticism gets easier to take over time if you view it as fuel for advancement.

While bruising to your creative ego initially, feedback is a gift, not a curse. Approach it with grace, apply it with wisdom, and let it elevate your skills.

Keep courage alive. The next opportunity to wow your critics awaits! What you create need not be perfect, but you must be fearless. Onward.

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3 useful tools to help you create your design

1. Vertex – a website with free 3D icons, allowing customization of each icon: set a specific angle, choose colors, and download in high quality.

2. Funkify – a Chrome extension that helps understand how people with different perceptual abilities see websites, offering limited free functionality and a paid subscription.

3. Fontjoy – a tool for generating font pairs using a neural network and your parameters, such as adjusting contrast or determining font similarity. You can also specify a particular font and find complementary pairs for headings, subheadings, and body text.

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Practice Regularly: Keep designing, even if it's just for fun. Practice makes progress!

Welcome Feedback: Don't sweat critique; it's your secret weapon for improvement.

Stay Curious: Design is always changing, so stay curious and keep learning new tricks.

Communicate Clearly: Good design is about more than just pretty pictures; it's about telling stories. Learn to talk about your work.

Be You: Let your unique style shine through. That's what makes your work special! :classic_smile:

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For new designers on Fiverr, my top tip is to keep learning and practicing. Experiment with different styles, techniques, and tools to find your niche.

Be patient, persistent, and open to feedback – it's all part of the journey to becoming a successful designer.

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