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improve my gig and get fist order


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I can share some ideas, it's up to you if you use them or not.

Share your gig on social media, maybe it gets traction and someone eventually needs such services and likes your gig.

As a newcomer, you may have to keep a lower price for a while, until you receive a few sales.

Maybe try to sell just one design at once, I think not everyone needs bulk designs. Maybe people want to test your service with a single design instead of multiple ones at once.. 

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2 hours ago, rayspace said:

You can send buyer request , this is the very first things for getting orders I think.

The problem with buyer requests is that most of them are severely undercutting common sense. There was a dude asking 100000 words for $5 so.. unless you are extremely desperate or you can find buyer requests that actually follow common sense and pay people properly, it's a good idea to stay away from those. You can browse them if you want, but generally it's a waste of time, at least from my own experience. 

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