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  1. In my gig, If buyer place order without discussing, it didn’t start until they fill the gig requirement. You can edit your gig and add some requirements first to reach the buyer.
  2. Hi, I returned to this thread again to inform you that I think now its better to cancel by C/S. I have Just witnessed one of my country sellers cancelling the same way affects her rate. I am lil bit confused now on which basis fiverr calculate profile’s rate actually . So, mentioning the fact of ordering again to C/S cancelled by them seems quite safer side now .
  3. There is no option for returning for sure . But I had an incidence about increasing the price and some other issue that was not going with that gig criteria . so I sent cancellation request under the option " Buyer will order again " and it didn’t affect my rate . And Buyer ordered me again. So it could be an option you may work with decreasing the price too without affecting your profile .
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